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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i go about using KILIMO.BIZ App? Simple! If you are an Farmer, create an account. Then, browse through the available Farming Guides and if you find any that interest you, order.

I want to go to the App Homepage. Click Home icon on bottom navigation. Or open the side menu by swipping from left and click Home.

How do i access the App Menu and Settings? Swipe the app screen from left to right and the side menu will open.

Can i switch to dark mode theme? Click Settings on bottom menu. Activate the Dark Mode. If you access the side menu again, it will be on dark mode settings

I want the App in fullcreen mode. Open Settings and activate Always FullScreen

I would like to share/send this app. Open the side menu, click Share and select how your would like to Share/Send. Continue accordingly to complete.

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