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Agricultural Financing Solutions in Kenya

We usually get hundreds of messages requesting for agricultural enterprises financing. Since we do not finance, i though it better to sum up several financing solutions for the farmers in Kenya.

Equity Bank Ltd – Equity have Kilimo Biashara (inputs for small scale farmers), Kilimo Maendeleo (infrastructure), Kilimo Kisasa (for tools & machinery), Commercial Agriculture Loan (large scale farmers), Aggregated Financing (farmers groups), Kilimo Biashara Agibusiness (Value chain players). Get more information on Equity Agricultural Loans

Youth Fund : The Youth Enterprise Development Fund is now offering the Agri-Vijana loan targeting young people keen on undertaking agri-business and more specifically, Green house farming. This is a partnership with Amiran Kenya Ltd. The product is for youth between 18-34 years. Get more information on Agri Vijana Loan

Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC): AFC products are Seasonal Crop Loan (cover production & harvest costs), water development loan (cover wells, tanks, boreholes, pump, pipes), Cash Crop Loan (crop maintenance and equipment), Horticulture development loan (covers production cost, packaging, greenhouse, equipment), Machinery Loan, Agribusiness Loan (value chain players), Livestock & Fishery Development Loan (infrastructure & working capital),. Get more on AFC Agricultural Loans

Faulu Kenya: Their products are Ufugaji Bora (For livestock farming) and Nafaka (For crop farmers). Get more at Faulu Agribusiness Loans

Family Bank: The products are Dairy Financing Scheme, Majani Plus Loan, Biogas Finance, Crop Input Projects and Assets Finance, Kilimo Biashara na Family Bank, Nafaka Loan and Wheat, Barley and Steers Fattening Finance. For More information, view Family Bank Loans

Please note that the list has been arranged randomly without ranking and its not exhaustive. We will continue adding up products as they come up. Keep checking this page.

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