KILIMO.BIZ is a website that provide information on Farming as a business denoted in swahili as ‘Kilimo Biashara’

Most of African’s states GDP and livelihood is acquired from Agriculture. Majority of the farmers are small scale farmers and they mostly farm for subsistence use. Considering the size of land in Africa, if farming is done commercially, then we will not only solve the food insecurity in the continent but also export to other parts of the world.

KILIMO.BIZ is a project of ADEA AFRICA under its ADEA AGROVET flagship. The main goal of this project is to commercialize farming so that we can eventually achieve food security and sustainability and also create wealth for the farmers in Africa.

We welcome you to this portal and hope that you will enjoy and find all the information valuable. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need more information or need clarification on anything to do with farming in Africa.