Agro Consumption

Agricultural consumption is the essence of agriculture. The number one motivator of farming to the farmer is to consume. And also the reason farming is done is to provide food. Therefore consumption is the key reason where a farmer will toil to bring forth a crop.

There are various forms of consumption.

Subsistence is where the farmer farm’s for his own consumption. In theĀ AfricanĀ set-up, there are crops that are usually grown to be used at home or livestock reared for household consumption. For instance a hen in the compound can be for the purpose of producing eggs for family consumption. Also, one passion fruit tree can be providing fruits just enough for the household.

Local consumption is basically where a farmer sells his produce to the neighbours or the local market. The produce are normally consumed by people in the local community. In case of our one hen farmer, in case where he accumulates ten eggs, he can then sell them to his neighbour for their consumption.

International consumption is usually associated with export. Farmers who take agriculture as a business will usually sell their surplus produce. There are intermediary organizations that collect the produce and export to international markets. These produces can be consumed in their raw state or after processing. The international consumption is usually highly guarded due to quality. The exporters usually have to abide to some set rules and standards.

Traditionally, farming was farmer driven. The farmer determined what he needed to farm, Period! These days, farming is consumer-driven. The consumer determines what she need to consume and the farmer produces. Farming is now being done commercially as a business. Quality and delivery have also improved. Its now outright that food is not just food. Its deferring in quality.