Agro Insurance

Agricultural insurance has become a very vital form of compensation for uncertainties in agricultural industry. 

Agricultural insurance is particularly important in East Africa today as the extreme weather patterns generated by climate change are introducing greater volatility to food production and food prices. 

Crop and livestock insurance has long been used in developed countries to deal with such weather uncertainties, but its availability in Africa, particularly to smallholder farmers, has been extremely limited.

With various agricultural insurance products coming into the market, farmers have started feeling safe. They can now farm crops or rear livestock without worrying about losing them to catastrophes like fire, bad weather and even theft.

As a farmer, it is very important to maximize on the returns that you get out of your farming business. Covering for the uncertainties that might occur to your crop or livestock is very important. Therefore engaging a reputable insurance company to insure your farming business will be among the most noble ideas in your business endeavor.

If you are seeking for an insurance product to cover your farming business, we can assist you. Contact Us and we will be happy to recommend a provider.