Agro Machinery

Mechanization of agriculture is long overdue in East Africa. In western countries, agriculture is highly mechanized. A 100 hectare farm will be farmed by four household members and three casual laborers whereas in Kenya, the same farm will be cultivated by hundreds of laborers  As much as there is high employment rate, there is a lot of inefficiency in the process.

There is a need for high mechanization of agriculture in Africa. Africa is a continent that has been blessed with favorable, predictable climate, good soils and vast farm lands. These resources can turn the continent into the world basket. Africa can produce food enough to feed the whole world if only a couple of things can be put into place. These includes agricultural mechanization.

The use of hand tools is common. Most of the small-scale farmers use jembes and pangas to cultivate. However most of the labor is manual. Use of machinery is restricted to the large scale farmers. Mechanization also depends on the type of crop. For instance in Kenya, wheat and barley farming is highly mechanized as compared to maize or potatoes.

There are various individual business in the communities that are offering machinery for rental. These includes tractors, ploughs, posho mills and such. These businesses are promoting mechanization. With high rural-to-urban migration in Africa, mechanization is inevitable. The old people left on the rural areas cannot be able to do the farming. There is also the need for the government to provide support to facilitate the rate of mechanization in Africa. With that done, Africa will be good to go to become the worlds bread basket.