Agro Packaging

Agricultural marketing is not a new term. Same as agricultural packaging. In this industry, packaging is very relevant. The way you handle the produce determine the durability and eventually the price. A well packaged produce usually cost higher that a roughly packaged produce. If you walk into a supermarket and check on the eggs, you will find eggs packaged on paper trays and others packed on small transparent plastic enclosures. The decision to buy the produce is determined by how appealing the package is.

The art of packaging started as early as trade started. In agriculture, packaging can be done to protect the produce  or to make it look appealing. In our example above, the plastic egg enclosure provides a better breakage security than the paper tray. Its also more appealing.

Some time, traders package for differentiation and branding. A bag of coffee is hard to identify its variety than a packet of coffee. Branding of products enables the consumer to differentiate the different varieties of the produce. An arabican from robusta coffee, Sheep from goat meat etc.

Though packaging is mostly associated with value addition and processing, in some cases it is not. There are cases where packaging is basically to facilitate easy transportation and storage. In any way, packaging of agricultural produce is necessary and actually inevitable.

The products and services associated with packaging are sisal and polythene sacs / bags, strings and ropes, binding needles, sac and bag printers, cartons, labels and packets.

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