Agro Processing

Most of the agricultural produce is sold from farmers unprocessed. However, most of it is consumed as processed. Processing of agricultural produce is a big business. The processing is usually done in large scale by both local and international companies.

Processing all depends on the produce. Perishable produce are usually processed immediately while durable products can take some time before they are processed. Processed products fetch better prices and margins. That is why it is always advisable for farmers to try and process their produce before sale. Due to high capital outlay needed to establish the plants and machinery used in the activity, small scale farmers find it hard to do it. However through cooperatives, it has become possible. Now it is possible to find a packet of milk produced by a cooperative society or take a tea bag produced by a tea factory owned by farmers.

International processors usually have agents that source for produce locally. Most of the produce are exported raw. However some processors do partial processing to extend the durability of the produce or even reduce on the transport and handling costs. For instance a milk processor might pasteurize the milk or a beef processor might slaughter the cow instead of exporting live animals.

Processing is still the next big thing after production. Its still the thing that will make Africa as a continent an industrialized continent. We all need to find coffee made in Kenya and not coffee from Kenya. By processing agricultural produces, African countries will be able to get full benefits of agriculture. After all if the farmer can get an extra 100% profit from his produce, then poverty can be a thing of the past in Africa.

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