Agro Projects

There  are various agricultural projects in the community. These projects are usually run by  not-for-profits organizations, faith-based organizations, individuals, schools, government and businesses. Sometime,  people collectively join into a Self help group to undertake the projects.

Agricultural projects are meant to build capacity for agricultural improvement. Its always targeted to a certain group of people in the community like women, children, youths, disabled and mothers.

Capacity Building Projects are usually motive driven. As much as they might have an economic gain, the social or environmental gain is predominant. Some projects usually graduate to become viable business. In Kenya, there are cases like Equity Bank, which was a project initiated by several individuals as a cheque clearing agency in rural area. Today its a company making over 125 million dollars in profit.

The secret of projects lies in its vision. If you set a project that has a vision lasting 6 months. Then it will be viable for that long. If your project has a big vision lasting for years and decades, regardless of its initiation, it will last that long. The other strength lies with the brainchild. Projects with visionary and determined implementors usually have a high chance of continuity and survival.

At the end of the day, its about results. How many jobs created, how much soil acidity is reduced, how many families have been fed, how much yield has increased, what acreage has been reclaimed etc. If your project meets its objectives, then it is successful.