Agro Storage

Storage is very essential in agriculture. Agricultural produce are usually bulky and perishable in nature and they need well structured storage facilities. Their health concern makes their storage unique and at the same time expensive.

Grains and cereals are usually stored while dry. Most of the farmers have cribs that they have built to enable them store them effectively. On a large scale, there are silos and stores that have been set by the governments to enable farmers to effectively store their produce. These produces have a longer shelf life.

For produces that are perishables like horticulture and dairy produce, they are usually stored in cold rooms and refrigerated stores. These modes of storage are usually expensive to maintain and own. For large companies doing dairy and horticulture farming or trading companies dealing with the produce, they usually have these facilities at their disposal.

Storage of produce is all dependent on the durability of the produce. Long durable produce have less storage and handling than the perishables.

Storage of agricultural produce is usually tricky and especially when it comes to perishables, its even more complicated.

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