Agro Support

There are various support services in the agricultural sector. These are services that you offer to farmers, agricultural businesses and organizations.

These services includes:

  • ICT Support services like automation, software development and management, hardware, website design and hosting, system development and management.
  • Marketing Support Services like advertisement, marketing consultancy, marketing planning and management.
  • Management Support Services like administration, management consultancy, strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Operational Support Services like operations planning , management and automation.
  • Financial Support Services like book  keeping, auditing, finance consultancy and management.
The agricultural support is important in the growth of the agricultural sector in East Africa. Agricultural support services have been very common with the large scale farmers. Since most these farmers do commercial farming, they need people and firms that can take care of their non-farming functions and activities. Therefore they outsource these support services. Small scale farming is also coming up. Now farmers are joining up and able to hire the services of these professionals.

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