Agro Transport

Agricultural transport is a very common occupation. Produces need a lot of transport right from the time on planting, farm to store, store to market and market to consumer or processing. All these process, the produce change transport. During transport, it is very necessary to handle the produce with at most care.

Transport of agricultural produce in east Africa is mostly handled by road. Trucks, lorries and pickups are the common modes of transport for farmers and agricultural dealers. Road takes the lion share in transport due to the region’s good road network.

There are small haulage that is usually done through rail. Especially during inter-country transport. Rail is cheaper but very slow. Its best ideal for durable produces like grains and cereals. This is similar to the the shipping. Sea and air are common for exports of agricultural produce. Horticultural exporters use air to transport their produce. Though the most expensive, its the most effective due to the time taken to reach the produce to their destination. Sea is the best for bulky haulage though slow. Most of the grain traders use sea dues to its effective transport cost.

Since transport is necessary in agriculture, its always wise to take the mode that will ensure the produce are handled effectively and at the same time that makes a cost sense. Its quite definite that transport determines the final cost of the produce. This is the reason you find the same produce costing differently in different towns and regions.

As an advice, always ensure that you arrange reliable and cost effective transport mode. Check the transport recommendation available for each crop.

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