Cauliflowers were introduced to France from Genoa in the 16th century. It is a cool season vegetable that is considered a delicacy by many persons. It is a crop that is exacting in both its soil and climatic requirements. For this reason, it is grown commercially only in the higher altitude areas.


Varieties Snowball, Snow Crown F1 Hybrid, Extra Early Six Weeks, Kibo Giant, Italian Giant, Fremont F1
Seed Rate 500gm/ha
Fertilizer Rate 200kg/ha CAN when seedlings are 20cm high followed by 200kg/ha three weeks later
Planting Spacing 60cm/60cm with a plant population of 27778 plants per hectare
Husbandry Cauliflower plants should be about 6 weeks old when set in the field. Set the plants 18 inches apart in the row and have the rows 30 inches apart. Cultivate only to control weeds and then be sure that the cultivation is very shallow. In order to be good, cauliflower must be kept snowy white. This is done by tying the leaves together over the heads when the heads are the size of door knob.
Pest & Diseases Pest Name Symptoms Control
Black rot Gives characteristics offensive odor
Expected Duration from Planting to Harvesting 2 – 3 Months
Climatic Conditions The optimum mean temperature for growth is 15-18°C. Grows well on a wide range of soils with adequate moisture and fertility. Soil pH in the range of 6.0-6.5 is preferred.
Harvesting The heads should be examined from time to time to see when they are ready to cut. If they are let go too long, the heads get loose and ricey, and lose much of their tenderness. It will usually be about one week from the time they are tied until they are ready to use.
Post Harvest and Storage Shred, wash, scald 3 minutes in boiling water, chill, drain, and freeze immediately.
Growing Regions Central and Western Kenya. Also Rift valley
Expected yields Up to 20ton/ha


Processing Cauliflowers are shred and dried


Place Mostly sold locally in groceries and supermarkets
Price Kshs 40 – 80 per Kg


Products / By Products Vegetable for Consumption. Also makes Salads
Nutritional value – per 100 g / % Daily Values Energy 23.0 / 1%; Carbohydrates 4.4 / 1%; Fat 0.5 / 1%; Protein 1.8 / 4%; Phosphorus 32.0 / 3%; Pottasium  142 / 4%.


White cauliflower is the most common colour of cauliflower.Boiling cauliflowers reduces the nutrients by 20–30% after five minutes, 40–50% after ten minutes, and 75% after thirty minutes.


Income Per Hectare: Kshs 800,000 (20,000kgs * 40/-)Cost per Hectare: Kshs. 320,000 (40% of Income).NET:    Kshs. 480,000 (60% of Income).

Break Even Yield (Where Cost=Income): = 8000 kgs per hectare.

Income Frequency: Twice per year. Thrice under irrigation.

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