Livestock farming is very common in East Africa. In most cases, livestock farming is done alongside crop farming. Most of the farmers are mixed farmers with crop farms and livestock stables in the same farms.

Small scale livestock farmers are usually found in arable lands. These farmers mostly rear diary cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, chicken, ducks, turkeys and goose. They usually do it for subsistence use. Rarely do they sell their produce and once they do it, they market through cooperatives.

On the other hand, large scale livestock farmers are found in semi-arid areas. Those are the places that have adequate land for rearing. Known pastoralists communities like maasai, samburu, pokots and borans are known for their outstanding livestock rearing economic activity. Marketing for these communities is a challenge. They mostly take their livestock to markets where there are intermediaries that buy for resale to slaughter houses. Some are exported to mostly middle east. The most common large scale livestock farmed are beef cattle, sheep and goats, camels and donkeys. there are also large scale farming businesses run locally that specialize in livestock like dairy cattle, chicken and sheep.

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